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Ascend through an eerie tower and conquer afterlife in this Tactical Rogue-lite

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Take control of a dead warrior soul that must conquer the right to the afterlife by proving its valor in a mysterious Tower. Slay your enemies, acquire skills, devise strategies and dethrone the Tower's creator!


  • Outmaneuver enemies: Everything moves when you do. Rush against enemies in fast-paced combat, or carefully manipulate each turn to trigger devastating sequences. The choice is yours.

  • Adapt to the Battlefield: Each climb is unique. Face different enemy layouts, encounter new skills, lure enemies into traps and become a mastermind of turn-based combat.
  • Create your own Build: Acquire Skills and Modifiers during your climb, and combine them into powerful synergies. Evolve them in combat to unlock their true potential and aim to master every skill!

  • Discover the nature of the Tower: Why are you in the tower? How did you die? Who is behind it all? Many secrets await in the tower.

Carefully Crafted Pixel-Art

Explore a vibrantly crafted pixel world. Every new area is intriguing and unique, filled with new creatures and characters to discover.

Meet the devs

Evertried is being developed by a team of 6 people. We plan to bring Evertried to you as soon as possible, so follow us on Twitter!

Danilo Domingues - Lead Programmer

Eduardo "Lurils" Fernandes - Lead Pixel Artist and Animator

Gabriel Zanini - Game Designer

Mauricio Peres - Audio Producer

Pedro "Myganic" Colmenero - Producer and Lead Game Designer

Victor "Mag" Block - Pixel Artist and UI/UX Designer

Original tracks and sound effects by moonsailor

A new partner enter the tower: Music and Sound Effects by Moonsailor!

Click on the Moonsailor logo to visit the Evertried DEMO OST.